Cary Shakespeare

M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Cary Shakespeare has been practicing alongside Dr. Armi Lynn Walker in Bakersfield since 1994. Together, they founded Neuva Aesthetics in 2016, driven by a shared passion to enhance how people feel about themselves. Their mission is encapsulated in the motto, “Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better.”

With extensive experience as an OB/GYN, Dr. Shakespeare has honed the art of medicine by actively listening to patients and applying expert knowledge gained over years of dedicated practice. This approach ensures high-quality, individualized, and patient-centered care.

Women seeking aesthetic treatments, particularly “Mommy Makeover” and genital rejuvenation, often find the greatest comfort and trust with an OB/GYN. These patients typically view such treatments as safer and more effective when performed by an aesthetic specialist within an OB/GYN setting.

Dr. Shakespeare has a deep appreciation for the artistic side of life, with passions that include painting, drawing, literature, and music. If not a physician, a career as a Disney animator or novelist would have been a delightful pursuit. Aesthetic medicine, however, perfectly blends the realms of art and science, allowing Dr. Shakespeare to merge creativity with medical expertise. This fusion of imagination and skill is essential to delivering beautiful outcomes for patients, making aesthetic practice a truly fulfilling endeavor.