Our Mission

Armi Lynn Walker, M.D., Founder, Client of Neuva Aesthetics/Wellness
Birthdate: January, 1960
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Our mission is to provide the individualized care and attention that you deserve to enhance the natural beauty you already possess. We want you to “Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better!”
The idea to create Neuva Aesthetics/Neuva Wellness was inspired by our desire as physicians to improve and enhance the way people look and the way people feel. We are very excited to be able to introduce to this community new technologies and treatments that have the ability to impact the lives of our clients more effectively and safer than what has been available through traditional medicine. We are passionate in our quest to help women regain their “swag” and empower them to conquer the world!


What is the meaning of the word NEUVA?
We created Neuva from the Spanish word Nueva, which is the feminine form of Nuevo. The word Nuevo is defined as something new or renewed, a fresh start. We think that describes the essence of Neuva Aesthetics. It also represents what the centerpiece of Neuva Aesthetics, ThermiVa, can do by renewing the appearance and function of the vagina. Most women experience increased tightness and sensation as a result of their improved and “neuva-ginas.”


Neuva Aesthetics offers many complementary treatments which help defy the aging process by tightening the skin and removing wrinkles, killing fat cells and promoting weight loss, and improving sexual function and orgasmic potential.


Neuva Wellness focuses on bioidentical hormone pellet therapy for both women and men, safely restoring hormone levels to what they used to be. This results in increased mental clarity and focus, sense of well-being, sexual desire, energy and other functions needed for a happy and healthy life.


It has been an honor and privilege for us to have already witnessed the many clients who have benefited from these changes and listened to their testimonials of an improved quality of life. We look forward with much anticipation to the lives we can impact in the future.


Contact Neuva Aesthetics/Wellness today to schedule your consultation or appointment. We really do want you to . . . “Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better!”


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